Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quick change in the menu!

It got cold here in Kansas, so I was in the mood for a bowl of chili. I am now making chili in the crock pot and some cinnamon rolls to go with it. Super Yummy!
I am working with Zach to get his behavior improved. If he can behave at school this week then he can go and get frozen custard on Friday. He already slipped up a bit on Monday by yelling at his teacher..GRRR. We are also trying to get him out of our bed. Now that he is seven its time for him to sleep alone. We try it every year so hopefully this will be the year.
Now that I have my lovely van I am trying to figure out how I am going to pay to tag and insure it, I have a small jam sale on Sat. night so maybe I can drum up some money. I am making a batch of my new flavor to bump up my stock, its Blueberry Vanilla Lite and its divine. I have to go now and hem up some pants for a friend.

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