Thursday, January 22, 2009

Woman Shoots crabby husband..

No not really...but watch the headlines. Gene has been a real dick since he got laid off. He is freaked out, but I wish he would not take it out on us. He has a few side jobs lined up but nothing that pays the mortgage..well all of it anyways.
There are not many prospects on the horizon...I am so greatful that I have these daycare kids. They drive me crazy but I love them. And it helps to know that I can at least contribute to our finances in some way. I almost have all of the papers in order to become a registered daycare..I should be able to send them out by next then takes about up to 2 months to get your certificate. Once I do that I get on the food program where all the lunches are paid for and that will be helpful!

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can't wait said...

AHAAHA!! Love the headlines!!